Playa del Carmen Boat Rental

Renting a boat in Playa del Carmen is an experience in itself for any group or celebration in the Riviera Maya.  Most guests have said and now you can also experience a yachting experience.  

Your Journey Starts in Playa del Carmen Boat Rental

– Luis New Zealand

“HIGHLIGHT of our vacation was this boat rental with all you can drink and food.

Also, a great snorkeling and service from the staff”

In Playa del Carmen you can do from Golfing, Polo, Mayan culture exploration, Nightlife, Bar Crawls, ATV tours, Yachting, and Fishing. But nothing bits a good day out on a yacht tor drinking your desired cocktail.  Seeing the wonders under the ocean as you snorkel the Ihna Reef with turtles and manta rays.

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Top Yacht and Boat Rentals Playa del Carmen

1) 38  foot  “Four Winn” Yacht 


1 -5 people 890 USD for 4 hours

200 USD per extra hour


  • Food
  • Open bar 
  • Marine Taxes
  • Music
  • Snorkeling alongside turtles

2) 42 -ft Sea Ray “La Consentida” Yacht 

 An amazing boat full of excitement and adventure to enjoy the waters of Playa del Carmen.  Enjoy a day out under the sun of the Caribbean in this great boat rental.

1 -15 people 1090 USD for 4 hours

89 USD per extra guest and up to 20 guests

250 USD per extra hour


  • Food
  • Open bar 
  • Marine Taxes
  • Playlist of songs
  • Snorkeling with rich salt water life

3) 47  foot Azimut “Tres Piratas” Luxurious Yacht 

This luxury yacht with 2 paddleboards and an awesome sound system to take you along the coast listening to your favorite jams.

1 – 15 people 1250 USD for 4 hours 

49 USD per extra guest up to 23 guests

additional hourly rate of 250 USD


  • Food
  • Open bar 
  • Taxes
  • Song playlist
  • Snorkeling with turtle

4) 51-ft Long Sea Ray “4 Piratas” Yacht 

Spend a wonderful trip out on the Mexican Caribbean Ocean on board of this great yacht full of style and beauty.  For up to 26 passenger capacity and to take your group to where ever you want to go.

Up to 15 people for 1350 USD on 4 hours 

49 USD per guest above 15  and max 26

Additional hourly rate of 300 USD


  • full meal
  • Open bar 
  • Marine Taxes
  • Song playlist
  • Snorkeling with turtles

5) 58  foot  “Dos Piratas” Yacht 

For bigger groups, this is an amazing option with great space for cocktail parties, ceremonies, birthdays, or family


Up to 15 people for 1450 USD on a 4-hour rental

49 USD per additiona guest and up to 45 guests

350 USD per extra hour


  • Food
  • Open bar 
  • Marine Taxes
  • Music
  • Snorkeling with turtles

6) 80  foot  “Pura Vida” Yacht 

 This luxury option for larger parties.  Been the largest boat in Playa del Carmen to meet any large group needs.

Up to 15 people for 1750 American Dollars on a  4-hour rental

49 USD per extra guest and max 60 guests

500 USD per extra hour


  • Food
  • Open bar 
  • Marine Taxes
  • Music
  • Snorkeling with turtles

7) 36  foot  “La Yoya” Catamaran 

 Enjoy a trip out boating on a luxury catamaran.  This little follow for up to 15 people max is an amazing option to sail away into the Caribbean ocean.

1 -15 people 1090 USD for 4 hours

250 USD per extra hour


  • Food
  • Open bar 
  • Marine Taxes
  • Song playlist


Fishing Boat Rentals 

Enjoy a deep-sea fishing trip on a fishing tour rental that will satisfy your fishing needs.   With professional fishing crews and the best bait to increase your chances of catching a great Marlyn fish or a big Dorada.

8) 46-foot  Fishing Boat

 For up to 12 people max our 46 foot fishing boat will cater to your fishing needs. 

  • 650 USD/half a day 9 in the morning to 1 in the afternoon or 1:30 int he afternoon to 5:30 
  • 800USD for 3 quarters of the day 7 am-1 pm
  • 950 USD for a full-day  and lunch included 9am to 5pm

Fishing equipment and live bait included

9) 38-ft  Fishing Yacht

 A great choice for fishing around Playa del Carmen for max 9 people. enjoy this fishing boat on fishing and trolling trip through the  coastline of the Mexican Caribbean. 

  • 590 USD for half a day 9 in the morning to 1 in the afternoon or 1:30 int he afternoon to 5:30
  • 750 USD – 3/4 day 7 am to 1pm
  • 890 USD for a full day lunch included 9 am to 5 pm

Includes fishing equipment and live-bait 

Location of boats

Most boats, yachts, catamarans, and tours are stationed in Puerto Aventuras,  We do have different options in other marinas as well.

 Marina Ports

Aventuras Puerto

Puerto aventura at 25 min drive from central Playa del Carmen.  Very accessible by car, private van or cab.

Maroma Beach Marina

Maroma Beach is located just north from Playa del Carmen.  About 35 min and even though doe not have to many boat options.  We still have some there for you.


The Marinas in Cancun are about 70 min from Playa del Carmen.  It does have catamaran options to Isla Mujeres.  Transportation is included

Puerto Morelos

45 min drive north from Playa del Carmen.  More of fishing boat area and some catamarans available.

Getting to your boat

1) Private Transportation is the best way to get to your boat rental to make sure you are there on time.

2) Taxi is another way of getting to your boat. Especially if you’re a small group

Boat Tours

Part Yacht and Boat Tour

This 3-hour party tour in any boat is a great option to save money. Also, a great option if you just want to drink and party for a few hours.

 Ihna Reef Tour 

Enjoy four hours boating the coastline of the Riviera Maya. Cruising to the reef and snorkel an hour with different types of fishes and turtles in the reef. This reef is the home to different sea life and it is highly recommended to maintain and respect.


Cozumel 8-hour Tour 

Enjoy  3 hours and a half yachting or sailing to Cozumel.  Drinking, listing to your music and relaxing as you charter a luxury boat or yacht.  Diving in for an hour in Cozumel with its amazing flora and creators.

Tulum 8-hour Boat Tour

Watch the Tulum ruins from the seat of a luxury yacht.  Cruising the coastline of Tulum.  Open a bottle of champagne with your group and enjoy a cuisine delicious meal.  Note only a few yachts are able to go to Tulum contact us for more info.

Playa del Carmen 8 Hour Excursion

Playa del Carmen boat tour cruising in front of the busiest beach clubs in Playa del Carmen drinking your cocktails and listing to your favorite tunes.


Sunset Boat Tour 

See the sun going down on a romantic sunset boat trip.  Whether with relatives, someone close to you or friends a glass of white wine watching the Caribbean sunset.

Boat Rental Times

 Tours block times: 9 in the morning to 1:30, 2  afternoon to 7pm, and 6:30 pm for the sunset tours.

Tips on Playa del Carmen Boat Rentals

  • Bring towels, sunscreen and motion sickness pills.
  • Also, know tips are extra from prices.
  • Let us know if you have a special diet or allergies.
  • Book transportation with time to sort out all the information needed.

The Best Snorkeling Spots In Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya

Ihna Reef

Snorkel alongside turtles and colorful fish and watch the mata rays swim at the bottom of the shallow ocean.  As you enjoy the refreshing water in your snorkel tour.


Have you held a starfish on your hand? Cielito is a great spot to snorkel close to the island, just pack of starfish.

Fishing Playa del Carmen

With different types of fishes to look forward to a good catch in Playa del Carmen and different fishing boats or yachts to spend a day in the sea.  Trolling in the open waters and a good chance you will catch a good size fish with the crew.  These fishing boats with an experienced crew and fishing pros.  Therefore creating a bigger chance to a great catch of the day on your fishing playa del carmen tour.

Deep-Sea Fishing in Riviera Maya

Are you a fishing fanatic?  Enjoy a day out deep-sea fishing with your group catching some of the biggest fishes in the area.   Dorada a great fish usually an arms-length size ready to make a great fresh ceviche on board of our boat fleet in Playa del Carmen



15 + 15 =

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Office Hours: Monday – Sunday 9 am -5 pm

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Why Hiring a yacht or boat in Playa del Carmen

Boat rental is the best activity to do here. Also, best way to snorkel in the reefs of the Riviera Maya.


What boat to hire

Find out the size of your group and your budget to know which boat is the best for you.  Depending on what you are willing to spend you can reserve a bigger yacht or a more compact one.

How to rent a boat

After deciding on the yacht you want, hold the date and make a deposit in order to secure the reservation


Weather Policy for a good Boat and Yacht Rental

In playa del Carmen the weather is usually great for yachting and boating but when we get a bad day.  The Port will close it is not safe to go out, canceling every tour.  We will try to reschedule or we will return your deposit. 

Advice When Doing a Playa del Carmen Boat Rental

When renting a boat in Playa del Carmen make sure that it has the permits necessary to operate in the area for carrying and transporting people.  Since there is some boat operating without these permits.  Do not run the risk of getting your day out in ocean ruin, as of October 7th 2019, boats will be stoped in the ocean to see their permit.  In case of not having them in regulation, they will send the guest back to land on alternative transportation.