Luxury Yacht Rental Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

Bachelorette and Bachelor Boat Rentals

Bachelorette and Bachelor Boat Rentals for your last fling.   With more and more stag and hen parties coming to Playa del Carmen each year.   More options are been creating for boat rentals in Playa del Carmen catering to these groups.

Bacheloretter and Bachelorette boat party


Playa del Carmen Boat Rentals

60 ft sunseeker

  • Type: Sunseeker Yacht
  • Base: Playa del Carmen and Tulum
  • size: 60 feet
  • Price: On Request depending on size of group

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34 ft catamaran

  • Type: 34 ft small catamaran
  • Base: Playa del Carmen and Tulum
  • size: 34 feet
  • Price: 1599/ 4 / 10 people and 69 usd pe extra person

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43 ft yacht azimut

  • Type: 43 ft azimut yacht
  • Base: Playa del Carmen and Tulum
  • size: 43 feet
  • Price: 1950/ 4 hrs / 12 people extra per person extra

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51 ft powercat leopard

  • Type: 51 ft powercat leopard
  • Base: Playa del Carmen and Tulum
  • size: 51 feet
  • Price: / 4 hrs

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51 ft Sea Ray Yacht

  • Type: 51 ft sea ray yacht
  • Base: Playa del Carmen and Tulum
  • size: 51 feet
  • Price: $ 1499/ 4 hrs at 9am and 1599 usd for 4 hours at 1:30pm

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50 ft luxury yacht

  • Type: 50 ft Luxury power yacht
  • Base: Playa del Carmen and Tulum
  • size: 50 feet
  • Price: / 4 hrs

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46 ft sailing catamaran

  • Type: 46 ft catamaran
  • Base: Playa del Carmen and Tulum
  • size: 46 feet
  • Price: $ 1799/ 4 hrs

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Luxury Yacht Party

Up for a luxury yacht experience?  Enjoy a premium open bar and a great service to celebrate your bachelor’s or bachelorette party on a luxury yacht.

playa del carmen large catamaran

Bachelorette Catamaran or Yacht

Lay down on the nets of a luxury catamaran, tan, and wait for your margaritas to get served.   with a full stack, bar to keep the “Fiesta”  going and for you girls to enjoy a boat rental in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen fishing

Fishing Charter for Bachelor Parties

Open up your beers and hook up your live bait to your hooks because it is going to be a great fishing day out in the deep sea.  Get the boys ready to roll up the fishing rods

playa del carmen small catemaran

Booze Cruise and Non-Private Catamaran Tours To Isla Mujeres

Booze Cruise or Catamaran tour to Isla Mujeres to party with other people on board as you make your way to the Island.  With food and drinks included and nonprivate transportation.  An affordable option, especially for smaller groups.


Extra services on your boat rentals


Champagne Bottle Service

Enjoy your bottle of Moet on your Playa del Carmen boat rental.  What better way to spice up your Playa del Carmen boat tour?  Hire your relaxing massage spa for the girls on board to pamper your party more.  So with a 20 min massage for each member of your group depending on the size, you will definitely relax through your boating tour.  Toast to your happy moments in this last trip of a single life. 

Chef Services

Some private boat rentals already come with a chef on board included but the ones that don’t.  We can still add a chef for an extra cost to upgrade your experience.

    Playa del Carmen Bachelorette and Bachelor Trips

    In Conclusion, Playa del Carmen has more to offer than Las Vegas for your bachelorette or bachelor party.  With the turquoise color and ocean enjoy a great day out on a yacht, catamaran, or boat.  Great snorkeling locations with so much to see and experience underwater or just jamming to your favorite tunes.  



    Unique Experience in Riviera Maya Yacht Rentals

    Discover a Unique Experience in Riviera Maya Yacht Rentals

    From its beaches crowded with people from around the globe to waters clear enough to spot the varieties of sea life.  Travel to Riviera Maya for one of the best vacations Mexico has to offer. There are a lot of things promoted here in the exclusive and renowned place that calls paradise. This heaven is highly described as a paradise because it has quality of white sandy beaches and the most sky-blue water. It allows you to do the most incredible and adventurous water activities that the place offers.

    Check out these enlisted reasons why book your dream vacation here with us.

    Cancun Catamaran Tour

    Antiquity of Riviera Maya.

    Renowned by its stunning marine life, upscale accommodations, peculiar delicacies, and food everyone has a reason to explore this place once. If you’re distressed by the rush and commotion of overcrowded cities, then look no further. Riviera Maya is far remote from all that, and tourists here can enjoy a much slower and relaxed pace of life. This town hides some historical views that make you more interested in exploring the place.  Not only for pleasure and luxury but learning the aspects along your journey is a great deal for everyone and for us to advocate the beauty of the area.

    Catamaran Playa del Carmen

    Perfect Boat Experience

    The best adventure happens out at sea. Sailing trips can be idyllic and scenic, or breathtaking and exhilarating. Whether it’s just you and your partner or a family trip the experience is incredible. Venture out into the crystalline waters in style and with us here in a Playa del Carmen boat rental. Our boat rentals in Riviera Maya provide you with an in-depth adventure that also suits in your budget where you and your colleagues are. Admiring the captivating views of mother nature, learn something new about the Caribbean Culture, and enjoy delicious food prepared by a professional chef intended to accommodate your dining ending your great day in a beautiful paradise.

    things to do playa del carmen riviera maya

    Variety of Things to do

    Riviera Maya is famous for its spectacular spots. Also, for water activities, you’ll enjoy your private boat rental. Tucked in the sky-blue waters of Mexico, it is also known for an abundance of precious marine life.   You can explore scuba diving, fishing, snorkeling, whale watching and so much more.  Also, many other activities are a must-try experience while visiting here.  Tourists have the privilege to take off into the water at any point in the area and expect to see some new places that surely satisfy your dream vacation. Whatever your preference and taste, Playa del Carmen boat rental has an exclusive deal to make your holiday a memorable occasion onboard your own private Riviera Maya boat rental where you can appreciate and savor the things promoted here.

    Playa del Carmen Yacht Rental

    Full Boat Rental Experiences

    As you step onboard, the best experience you ever wanted is assured with us with our reliable services to our customers. You can feel the happiness that you are longing to embrace without a little doubt. Your getaway along with your accommodation prepared and provided here in Riviera Maya. We make sure all the things that you ever need.  While relaxing in the pristine sky-blue waters that undeniably soothe you experience the freedom of solitude. These simple tips will assure you of a successful celebration.  Have an excellent experience with your colleagues that it will forever remain in their memories.

    Plan Your Yacht Trip with Us!

    It’s our great pleasure to have the opportunity to assist you with the details of your perfect holiday.  Also, weddings, proposals, bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthdays, anniversaries, and romantic outings.  Furthermore for fun or any other upbeat celebration. From luxurious parties of hundreds to affordable gatherings of one or two. We offer great deals on yacht charters in Playa del Carmen and the absolute best service combined to provide the best value to you for your money.

    Tulum Boat Tours

    Tulum Boat Tours

    One of the most popular things to do in Tulum is a boat tour, to enjoy different scenery than from land.  Renting a yacht or a boat or simply taking a nonprivate boat tour. This will not only the chance to snorkel in its beautiful reefs but also a perspective and view of the Mayan ruins from the ocean.  Imagine a sunset behind these ruins that once served the Mayans to communicate and cross to Cozumel.

    Tulum Boat tours

    It’s your Yacht/boat for the Day!

    Tulum is the gem of Mexico’s Riviera Maya. This peaceful little village of the Mayan Riviera is one of a kind place to explore. Its endless beach clubs, great atmosphere, historic ruins, azure blue Caribbean coastline, and mouth-watering cuisine makes it unique among other sites around the world. Hop aboard with us, and once you are there, absorb coastal vistas as you sail by Catamaran Tours and spend time all day exploring Tulum island with your guide for insight into its history.

    What do Tulum boat tours offer?

    The boat offers a lot of fun, excitement, and mesmerizing experience as you venture along the coast of Tulum, Mexico. As you wander around, you can do plenty of things, such as doing underwater photographs or taking videos. Spend your day like no other here in Tulum, Mexico, and don’t forget that “ today is your day.” Catamaran Rentals offers an affordable yet luxurious experience with your group of friends, your family, or your loved ones.

    What to Expect?

    Boat tour Itinerary: Stop at Tulum, Mexico

    With Tulum Catamaran Tours and Playa del Carmen, your trip would be a memorable one. You’ll surely enjoy the scenic view and relax under the palm trees that surround you. Surprise yourself with the different creatures of the sea and sprinkle fish food in the water to see the colorful fish. Discover the history of this island and learn about its culture and lifestyle. The enlisted below are the best things to do when you plan your vacation here in Tulum, Mexico.

    • Snorkeling– One of the most entertaining activities that you can do while on the sea is to do snorkeling. It allows you to see the spectacular glimpse of undersea and feel the ambiance of the water.
    • Tulum Ruins– Don’t miss the famous Tulum Ruins. Take a stop at the magnificent Mayan Ruins and wander around the fantastic archeological site overlooking the cliff by the Caribbean Sea.
    • Scuba Diving– Is it your first time doing scuba diving? Then it’s great. Whether you are a novice or an expert on this, have time to experience scuba diving and visit the excellent diving site here in Tulum. It can also be the best way to explore the fantastic underwater world wherein you can get close to the wonders and the secrets of this marine universe.
    • Get into the Hippie Vibe– As they say, Tulum is one of a kind place wherein there is a combination of the Mayan spiritual side, the serenity vibes, and of course, the natural beauty of the island. It can be a great place to venture yourself into something new. If you are curious about it, you can try meditation activities, wedding ceremonies, or a campfire vacation with friends.


    Still not sure where to go on a boat?

    Tulum Catamaran Tours features everything to match all your vacation needs. We also offer different yachts and boats for your next adventure. We understand your needs, and that is why we know our services meet your expectations. Reach out and let us find the right Tulum Catamaran Tours for your next vacation. Book with us now!

    Tulum Catamaran

    Offering you an extraordinary sailing experience through the coastline of the Tulum beach area.  A beautiful sunset, setting behind the Mayan ruins.  An all-inclusive tour with drinks, food, and your choice of music on a private catamaran to enjoy a day out on the ocean.  Whether a boat rental in Playa del Carmen or a Tulum boat charter, you will live in the hidden world of the Tulum Sea wonders.  One of the largest reefs in the world and has turquoise color waters, creating a magical experience.

    Top Beach Clubs in Playa del Carmen

    Top Beach Clubs in Playa del Carmen Boat Ride

    The top beach clubs to hang out at in Playa del Carmen for an amazing day out on the beach for drinks and music.

    1. Coralina day club
    2. Mamitas
    3. Canival Royal
    4. Zenzi beach club
    5. Cool beach club
    6. Indigo

    #1 Coralina Beach Club

    Coralina day club and beach club, take after las vegas beach clubs with DJ and a high-end atmosphere.  Shows and go-go girls setting up a day club vibe.  Some Boat rentals in Playa del Carmen can anchor in front of this beach club to enjoy a swim and jump into the water while checking out the party in the scene.  A high-end beach club in the area with minimum consumption on securing a bed and a cabana.   Top djs and bottle service to complete a luxury experiencce.


    #2 Mamitas Beach Club

    One of the oldest party beach clubs in Playa del Carmen with more of an electronic music party.  Cabanas waiting for you with minimum consumption for bottle service.  Right on the beach overlooking the yacht rentals in Playa del Carmen that anchor close to this beach club.  With minimum consumption to secure one of their beds and a great house or electronic music to create a party vibe.


    #3 Canibal Royal Beach Club

    This beach club is located north of Playa del Carmen and is known for its first-class food.  Amazing cuisine and a great recommendation on the octopus.  Also with a live DJ with great electronic remixes to enjoy a day out on a bed.  Just a great vibe to come relax or party with your friends.  Usually, they hold events with famous DJs from around the world creating a great vibe and atmosphere.

    #4 Zenzi Beach Club

    A great place for lunch with live music usually and great options for cocktails.   This is also one of the only night beach clubs open with live music to enjoy a romantic night out or just a party scene.  Live music from Salsa, Rock, and even some Jazz.  This venue is one of the best in creating a night atmosphere on the beach for everyone.

    Sometimes with a live Dj during the day to top music selection to live music at night.  This beach club also offers a Sunday BBQ  with all-you-can-eat and a great evening.  It is one of those places you could stay at day and night and live a great beach lifestyle.

    #5 Kool Beach Club

    With bottle service beds around the pool to enjoy a swim as you party.   Usually with live electronic music DJ influences the vibe in the venue.   This beach club usually hosts big events like the BPM and different big DJs.

    #6 Indigo Beach Club

    A great and more low-key beach club that makes up for an amazing breakfast.  Waking up to breakfast on the beach and enjoying the breeze coming in.   Also with some evening, live music shows for creating a low-key and relaxing evening.

    If you are staying at resorts away from central Playa del Carmen you might have to take private transportation into Playa del Carmen’s top beach clubs. Also, these beach clubs are a great option for different celebrations.

    Do you have a Bachelorette or Bachelor Party?

    Do you have a Birthday?

    Get a bottle service and a table to celebrate in one of these great venues.

    Bachelorette Catamaran Party

    Bachelorette Catamaran Party

    Bachelorette catamaran party in Playa del Carmen with drinks and food included.  Are you ready to relax, tan, or party on a luxury catamaran?  Does not matter the size of your group with the different size of catamaran boats available in the area.

    Catamaran Playa del Carmen Rentals Catering Bachelorette


    Drinks, music, a male stripper show, and even a massage spa on board. Making your girl’s party a unique experience.  All these addons on your catamaran rental in Playa del Carmen will lead to a more fun party boat trip.

    Massage Spa for the girls on board your boat rental

    Have everyone in the group enjoy a 15-20 min massage to relax and enjoy the trip of the catamaran or boat rental in Playa del Carmen.  Almost like being at a regular spa but in the middle of the ocean.

    Male Stripper Show on the boat

    Enjoy a 25 min show of a male dancer to spice up your boat trip and add to the fun of the bachelorette party on a boat.

    Cocktail Bachelorette Party on a boat

    Make a list of all your favorite cocktails and your crew will have the ingredients ready to make them through the whole boat tour.  Mojitos, Margaritas, Pina Coladas and more…

    From all the different things to do in Playa del Carmen for groups and bachelorette and bachelor parties.   Catamaran rental is really one of the top things.   Nightclubs and Bar crawls are easily found back home, but enjoying the Caribbean ocean and the weather in this great place can only be done here.

    You can also experience a whale shark tour leaving from Cancun.  Also as you party on a catamaran, just a memorable experience.  A creature, bigger than the boats and jet harmless than fly, really a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

    Also, there is always the option of a luxury yacht for your bachelorette party if you like the motorboats and luxury of a yacht, then check out some of the top yacht rentals in Playa del Carmen.

    Yacht Rental Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

    Luxury Yacht Rental Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

    Luxury Yacht and Boat Rental for Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties to say goodbye to your single life with style.  If you were wondering where to go and what to do for your last fling then think no more.  Playa del Carmen has different boat hiring options to satisfy your last bachelor and bachelorette party needs.  Luxury Yachts, Catamarans, and even Fishing Boats to ensure an overall boating experience.


    Why Celebrate your bachelor and bachelorette party in one luxury yacht rental in Playa del Carmen?

    Because you only get to celebrate your party once! So, why not make it count on a boat or yacht in the Riviera Maya?  There is something for the boys and something for the girls on board a boat.

    A boat rental in Playa del Carmen to take you on a journey of relaxing, partying, jamming, and drinking.  If you want a relaxing time with the girls with cocktails and good music on a luxury boat.  Also, you can enjoy a hard party adventure on board, we can arrange either or.  Open up a bottle of champagne and toast your single life away with your best friends while cruising the Riviera Maya coastline.  Also, you can spice up your boat tour with a male dancer show on board to make the trip even a bit more naughty.


    Catamaran Playa del Carmen Rental for Bachelorette Parties.

    Catamaran rental in Playa del Carmen for those sailing lovers who want to enjoy laying on the nets or the luxury of a catamaran.  Girls! so just come on board and lay down on the nets of a catamaran as you get your Pina Coladas served.  It is like being on a hammock feeling the breeze of the ocean and being pampered by the crew with drinks, food, and jams.  Visiting some of the best snorkeling spots and enjoying a catamaran tour in Playa del Carmen with your girlfriends is truly priceless


     Luxury Yacht and Boat Rental Bachelor and Bachelorette

    A great idea for the boys is a Bachelor party boat rental to enjoy your tequila shots, beers, and whiskey with a style.  Thinking of what you can do on a yacht in Playa del Carmen?   Enjoy a stripper show onboard, a drinking and partying day with the boys, or just relax and listen to your favorite music.  Whatever it is that you like, you can do it on a yacht even better.  How about a fishing day for guy friends?


    Bachelor fishing charter rental day.

    Open your beers and prepare the live bait on the fishing rods to get going on a deep-sea fishing trip.  Troll the way into the open sea and go after the best catch of the day, like a White Marlin.  Prepare your fresh ceviche out of the catch you bring back.  What better way to feel like a man?   The nature of fishing and eating your catch and sharing this moment with your boys.


    Whatever your type of partying or your idea for a bachelorette and bachelor boat trip you will find it here.  Among the top things to do in Playa del Carmen in general and for your group.  The option of a boat or yacht rental is at the top of the list and can bring what you need on your last fling before the ring party.

    As long as you keep in mind the recommended tips when hiring a boat, you will have a blast and make memories for a lifetime.  Through these tips, you will be stress-free, and safe and have lots of fun on your bachelor and/or bachelorette yacht and boat hire.

    Cancun Whale Shark Tours

    Cancun Whale Shark Tours

    Cancun Whale Shark Tours a must in Cancun and Riviera Maya during the season.  This harmless beast of the ocean comes down to the Riviera Maya, giving us the opportunity to experience their natural state.  Also, enjoy the tour with a professional tour guide to protect their natural habitat, advising of what you should and should not do during your tour.  But also keeping all of the guests safe and together during the tour in case someone gets tired or any incident.

    Nonprivate  Whale Shark Tour

    There are nonprivate tours going daily when is season except on the 30th of each month with Cancun boats leaving with 6-11 passengers each.


    • Light breakfast
    • Snorkeling gear
    • life jacket
    • food and beverages
    • 6-9 hour tour
    • nonprivate transportation from the lobby of hotels


    • 5 USD marine taxes per person
    • Gratuity
    • Towels
    • Sun Screen


    Private Boat Rental Cancun Whale Shark Tour

    Enjoy this magical experience privately in your own boat that fits up to 10 people max.  For larger groups contact us to get you different yacht rentals in Cancun.


    • Light breakfast
    • Snorkeling gear
    • life jacket
    • food and beverages
    • Private transportation


    • 5 USD marine taxes per person
    • Gratuity
    • Towels
    • Sun Screen


    Some Fun Facts About The Whale Sharks in Holbox

    • How big can a whale shark get to be?  The largest Whale Sharked measured 40 foot long, the size of one of our luxury boats in Playa del Carmen or Cancun
    • This beautiful and harmless creature has a hard skin
    • How much do Whale Sharks weight?  A study done in Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium measured a 30-foot creature that weighs a bit over 7 tons.
    •  Whale Sharks have two stories and are ovoviviparous, meaning they have eggs that hatch inside the female.
    • They grow really fast and when they reach 30 feet and are bigger, they usually have few predators.
    • This type of fish has a lot of teeth about 300 rows of teeth and about 3000 individual teeth.
    • Whale Sharks swallow their food, so they don’t use their teeth but small fish, fish eggs, and krill that they eat get swallowed and then digested.
    • They are migratory fish, tropical and subtropical fish, and they can travel about 8000 km, migrating.
    • The main reason why whale sharks migrate to Cancun, Holbox, and the area is for food and reproduction.

    Now that you know these little fun facts, you are ready to go out there and snorkel with this wonderful creature.  During their season in Holbox and Cancun where they come for food and reproduction, then they move into deeper waters, at least the females to give birth.   Giving us the chance to swim with this species here in the small paradise of the Riviera Maya.


    Transportation for your Cancun Whale Shark Tour

    Transportation from any Riviera Maya hotel lobby access to the marine is easier and bring you in on time.  Also life jackets for everyone on board since we understand that swimming with the whale sharks is exhausting and not everyone is in shape for it.     We can arrange your tour where ever you are in the Riviera Maya, Isla Mujeres, Cancun, Playa del Carmen Tulum, and even Cozumel.  Therefore do not hesitate to inquire about your private or nonprivate tour.  With different tours available in Cancun; Isla Mujeres, Dancer Cruise Party Boat, and Whale Shark Tour to fully enjoy your vacation on the Mexican Caribbean Sea.  You can also check a boat rental in Tulum if you want to take it down to the Riviera Maya and see the Mayan ruins from the ocean side.

    what you should know before renting a yacht

    5 Things you should know when renting a yacht in Playa del Carmen


    The 5 things you should know when renting a yacht in Playa del Carmen to make your trip stress free, safe, and fun. Take note of these recommendations to make sure your trip or vacation does not become sour.



    1. Make sure the boat you are renting has a license and permits to be operating in the area

    As of November 2019, it is mandatory for all yachts and boat rentals to have their operating licenses and permits in Playa del Carmen. The marine coast is authorized to check boats and yachts in the area and come on board to make sure everything is in place.  Also, any boat that does not have this in place will automatically get the passengers to be taken back to land on a different boat and end any tours that they are running.


    2. Double-check the type of boat rental or boat tour package you are getting for the money you are paying.

    Some people will promise you a different boat than what you are getting. So make sure it is clear what you will be getting for the price they are quoting.  For example, in Cancun and Riviera Maya yacht rentals are a bit more confusing with all the different options available.  But even though Playa del Carmen has fewer options, it still happens rarely that you will get a different boat than you were promised.


    3. You can get a contract with the details of the boat you are hiring and the tour package.

    You can get a contract from the company with details of the tour and/or boat hire in order to confirm all details regarding this rental. It also gives you time to double-check the dates, prices, inclusions, and exclusions of your tour.


    4. In playa del Carmen there are different snorkeling areas, note that you need a minimum of 4-5 hours of boat rental to get to the closes snorkeling place.

    There is a 3-hour boat rental minimum for each boat in Playa del Carmen.  So, note that even if the company tells you that you will be snorkeling. There is no way to get there in 3 hours, especially with a sailboat or catamaran.
    A motorboat takes 4 hours minimum to get to Ihnen reef leaving from Puerto Aventuras to fully enjoy snorkeling with turtles and manta rays
    Catamaran in Playa del Carmen leaving Puerto Aventuras needs at least a 5-hour rental if it does not use engines.


    5. Ask your company what you need to bring on board for the boat tour.

    Usually, not all boat tours included everything as far as gear goes and other amenities.

    • Snorkeling gear, making sure they have enough snorkeling gear for all of your guests might be an important thing for your tour.
    • Towels – usually recommended to bring towels with you, since most boats do not offer them.
    • For fishing boat rentals remember to check that you will be getting live bait.  This is better when deep-sea fishing and some fishing charters in Playa del Carmen only bring plastic or rubber bait.


    These 5 tips on a boat rental in Playa del Carmen will make for a safe, stress-free, and fun tour. With them, you do not have to worry about anything else. So now you are ready to book your yachting experience.


    Top Boat Rentals

    Playa del Carmen has different boat rentals for different tastes and sizes of groups.   But the top boat rentals in accordance with most groups’ needs are 3 yachts.  They meet the needs of luxury, smaller groups, and large groups in the Riviera Maya

    Top Boat Rentals

    Catamarans vs Motor Yachts

    With different choices of catamarans and luxury yachts, a lot of the time is hard to choose between one or another.  So let’s mention here the advantages of renting one over the other.

    1. A motor yacht is faster than a catamaran usually unless the catamaran also has engines.  In Playa del Carmen some of the catamarans have to be hired for a minimum of 5 hours in order to make it to the reef for good snorkeling.  While the motor yachts and boats can do it in 4 hours and still enjoy the reef.
    2. Catamarans are usually a bit more expensive than the luxury yachts in Playa del Carmen.  Even though they are as luxurious as a yacht and yet a bit less expensive to operate if the sails are used.
    3. Catamarans do have a lot more open external space to enjoy a day out under the sun.  Usually with nets to lay on and cruise the Riviera Maya.
    4. Finally, a lot of catamarans are used for nonprivate tours as well in the area.  So, for this reason, you need to book in advance if you are looking into sailing in one of these boats.

    In overall Catamarans in Playa del Carmen are able to perform and take you on the same tours as any luxury yacht.   In fact, they do the same tours usually unless requested otherwise.

    Best Boat Rentals Playa del Carmen

    Best Boat Rentals Playa del Carmen and Puerto Aventuras, Mexico

    with the different options of boat rentals Playa del Carmen and in Puerto Aventuras could be difficult to know which options are best for you.  So we have put tother here the most rented yachts and boats in Playa del Carmen and near areas.


    1.  “La Consentida” Yacht Rental

    One of the top rented options in Playa del Carmen is this 42-foot sea ray yacht with capacity for up to 20 people and one of the best options for its price.  Located in Puerto Aventuras Marina just 25 mins drive south from Playa del Carmen and 40 min drive north from Tulum.  With boat tour options of Ihna reef, Cozumel and even Tulum, making it the most rented option.  With an open bar of Smirnoff, Bacardi, Jose Cuervo, JB, Tecate Beers, Waters, Mixes and sodas.

    Also, the food included is Fish and Shrimp Ceviche with an option of vegetarian food at the petition.


    2.  “Azimut” Yacht Rental

    A 48-foot Azimut yacht full of luxury and power.   Well, equipt with 2 paddleboards to make your boat tour more interesting and fun.  All-Inclusive boat rental with top-shelf liquor and cocktails on Absolute, Captain Morgan, Reb Label, beers, water, mixes, juices, and sodas.  Also for food, you have a full Mexican meal of BBQ Chicken, rice, beans, guacamole, and chips.   This luxury yacht is also located in puerto aventuras Marina.

    3. 80-foot Yacht Rental

    This 80-foot yacht for larger groups is just a great option for any type of celebration.  Wedding, ceremonies, cocktails parties, birthdays, and any other type of group gathering.   With a capacity of 60 people max and great specious areas for an amazing boat tour.   Located in Puerto Aventuras  Marina and ready for any boat trip.  It also includes an open bar of Absolute, Captain Morgan, Reb Label, beers, water, mixes, juices, and sodas.  Also for food, you have a full Mexican meal of BBQ Chicken, rice, beans, guacamole, and chips

    4. 38-foot “Fourwinns” boat rental

    38 feet of fun and adventure into the Riviera Maya sea with capacity for 12 people.  But at a cheaper price for 1-5 people giving an option to smaller groups to enjoy a yachting experience.  Ceviche ready to be served with your open bar of Smirnoff, Jose Cuervo, JB, Bacardi, Tecate beer, water, mixes, and sodas.  Just an outstading option for smaller groups.


    These are the Best 4 boat rental options in Playa del Carmen for any yachting experience

    If These four options cover most of the groups that arrive in Playa del Carmen to have a chance and live the yachting experience in these amazing waters.   Whether deepsea-fishing, boating, yachting, sailing, snorkeling or just partying, you will find what you need in these top 4 options of the Riviera Maya boat rentals.   For more details on any of these options feel free to contact us.



    Deep Sea Fishing Playa del Carmen

    Deep Sea Fishing Playa del Carmen

    Deep sea fishing Playa del Carmen adventures and tours for all fishing enthusiasts.  Getting up early to a good start on your vacation for a great fishing trip into the Riviera Maya ocean.

    With different things to do in Playa del Carmen, yachting or boating is one of the top activities.  Especially if you like fishing, with so many different types of fish to catch in Playa del Carmen.  Having a boat rental or yacht rental to out and be surprised by what you can catch in the great ocean.  It is a stunning experience going with your friends or family to share a wonderful day or morning out fishing.   But also enjoy the excitement of rolling in a big fish for a good photoshoot and video.  More importantly for a delicious meal after the hard work of bringing the fish into the boat, a fresh delicious fish filet or ceviche.

    Deep Sea Fishing vs Sport Fishing Playa del Carmen

    If you are wondering what the difference is between deep-sea fishing and sport fishing in Playa del Carmen, then you have to know that the answer is pretty simple.  Deep Sea fishing that the word refers to, going deep into the open waters of the sea to do fishing, further looking for a big catch.  While sports fishing can be done through the coastline of the Riviera Maya, trolling your way to a snorkeling spot to see if you catch anything along the way. ,

    Best time to go out deep sea fishing playa del carmen

    The best recommended time to go out is in the early morning.  But even though is better in the morning you can always go later in the day and still catch some good fish.  Wherever you go, the Caribbean ocean has something for you to fish for whether a Cancun boat rental or in Playa del Carmen.  Therefore pick the time that it is available or that best suits you to go out on one of our fishing boats.  So after you come back with your catch of the day, we can suggest or try to arrange for it to get cooked.  Maybe even a fresh ceviche to really complete your fishing trip.


    What to think about when hiring a fishing boat in Playa del Carmen

    1. Ask about the kind of bait that will be used during your fishing trip.  Usually, live bait is the best for catching a good size fish.
    2. What kind of boat you are getting and does it have a fighting seat
    3. Does the boat have a working bathroom?
    4. Do they have all permits in place to go out fishing?

     What to bring with you on a fishing tour

    1. Eco-Friendly sunscreen to avoid too much contamination of the ocean
    2. Sunglass and a hat to cover from the sun
    3. More beer or alcohol of your choice since fishing boats only include a 12-24 pack of beers
    4. Money for gratuity
    5. A positive attitude increases your chances of fishing more fish.
    6. Patience since sometimes it takes longer than expected to catch anything or nothing is caught on the trips.

    Fishing in Cancun, Cozumel, Tulum or Playa del Carmen

    You can go out around the island of Cozumel in the open ocean in a fishing boat from Playa del carmen and release the line with live bait or troll at high speed to try to catch a marlin fish with its amazing sail look-alike fin and just a gorgeous and quick creature.  Whether in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, or Tulum, you can be sure you will enjoy the fishing here.  So if you are into fishing, do not think about it too much and check out fishing boats and yachts in Playa del Carmen, Cancun, and Cozumel.