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Bachelorette Catamaran Party

Bachelorette Catamaran Party

Bachelorette catamaran party in Playa del Carmen with drinks and food included.  Are you ready to relax, tan, or party on a luxury catamaran?  Does not matter the size of your group with the different size of catamaran boats available in the area.

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Drinks, music, a male stripper show, and even a massage spa on board. Making your girl’s party a unique experience.  All these addons on your catamaran rental in Playa del Carmen will lead to a more fun party boat trip.

Massage Spa for the girls on board your boat rental

Have everyone in the group enjoy a 15-20 min massage to relax and enjoy the trip of the catamaran or boat rental in Playa del Carmen.  Almost like being at a regular spa but in the middle of the ocean.

Male Stripper Show on the boat

Enjoy a 25 min show of a male dancer to spice up your boat trip and add to the fun of the bachelorette party on a boat.

Cocktail Bachelorette Party on a boat

Make a list of all your favorite cocktails and your crew will have the ingredients ready to make them through the whole boat tour.  Mojitos, Margaritas, Pina Coladas and more…

From all the different things to do in Playa del Carmen for groups and bachelorette and bachelor parties.   Catamaran rental is really one of the top things.   Nightclubs and Bar crawls are easily found back home, but enjoying the Caribbean ocean and the weather in this great place can only be done here.

You can also experience a whale shark tour leaving from Cancun.  Also as you party on a catamaran, just a memorable experience.  A creature, bigger than the boats and jet harmless than fly, really a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Also, there is always the option of a luxury yacht for your bachelorette party if you like the motorboats and luxury of a yacht, then check out some of the top yacht rentals in Playa del Carmen.