Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

  1. Are the boats and yachts located in Playa del Carmen or can we get pick up from the beach and resort

Playa del Carmen has no marine for yachts or luxury boats and the waters are too shallow to come near the beach area.

2. Where are the boats located at?

The boats are located at marina Puerto Aventuras about 20-25 mins away from Playa del Carmen

3. Are there any other fees aside from the prices mentioned?

The prices included all fees except tips, credit card processing fees, and or transportation prices.

4. Does the group need to bring towels?

Yes please bring your own towels there are no towels included in the boats.

5. What kind of alcohol is included on the boats?

Depends on the yacht or boat you choose the alcohol may vary

8. Are the boats private for the group?

The private rentals are all for your group with a crew to cater to you.

9.  What time can we start?

Starting times are 9am or 2pm